When will my order ship?

I ship within 3 business days.  I typically go to the post office on Tuesday and Friday, but it does vary from week to week.  I use USPS on almost all orders, unless another carrier is required.

How is your fiber packaged?

I braid my fiber to save space, then place it in an appropriately sized plastic zipper bag.  I attempt to not compress the fiber, so sometimes I will use a bigger bag for a fluffier breed of fiber.

Do you offer returns/exchanges?

Yes, I offer both - please email me with any questions about your order and I will do everything I can to make it right.  I really want you to have a good experience and I will always give refunds where I can.

Do you use stock photos?

No - but I do use a primary listing photo from each breed/colorway combination. I do find it's common among fiber dyers to photograph each individual braid.  While I know this is probably ideal for customer satisfaction as colors can vary wildly from one braid to the next, I would have to charge more to make it worth it for me.  If you really want a picture of the braid you plan on buying, please email me and I'll make the time to do it for you!

HELP! My fiber is FELTED!

I guess this isn't a question, but I hope this isn't the case!  Please email me and I'll try to make it right.  I spin my own fiber quite a lot, and I enjoy doing so because I aim to create fiber that is easily drafted.  I don't like to have to tug at the fiber I spin to get it to draft properly, so that's one of my goals as a dyer!

HELP! My fiber SMELLS!

Some fibers take on an odd smell from milling equipment, some have a certain farm-y smell.  Superwash fibers have a slight smell sometimes from the superwash process as well.  Silk can also have an odd (I think stinky) smell.  It is important to remember that when working with animal products smells can sometimes be present, but if your fiber smells really musty or burned or just off, please let me know so I can look into it!  Also, I use a scent-free wool wash (Eucalan) to wash all my fiber after dyeing.  This removes the acid and excess dye.  

Do you take custom orders?

In a fashion, yes.  I do take colorway requests on certain bases, but I don't do custom dye orders.  Email me and I'll let you know what fiber bases I have in stock for you to choose from - sometimes it takes a really long time, and other times it only takes a few weeks. For fiber, I don't take pre-payment, I'll just list your order as a reserved listing with other listings in a shop update.

How do I spin _____ breed?

I would recommend the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook (by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius), as well as Yarnitecture (by Jillian Moreno), for most of your spinning-related questions, although I can probably answer some too!  These two books are great resources for me.

What wheels do you own?

I have a Hansen Minispinner & a Lendrum Double Treadle Original, both with Woollee Winders.  I also have an Electric Eel Wheel Nano by Dreaming Robots.

What spindles do you own?

All.  I love spinning on almost everything.  My favorite spindle makers are Woodland Woodworking, Carry Cherry, Tom Golding, and Ed Jenkins.  I will try almost anything, though.  To learn, YouTube is a great resource, and any online courses by Debbie Held and Diana Twiss (I think they teach through Interweave & School of Sweet Georgia). 

What is your favorite fiber to spin?

I love Corriedale.  I also love anything blended with silk or bamboo. 

What is your favorite fiber to dye? 

I love so many different breeds and blends.  I don't like camel, it drives me nuts and fluffs up, sheds and generally just throws me off bigtime.  On that note, I also don't like anything that sheds so much that it clogs my drain frequently (camel, some superwash fibers).